Joschi Schwarz - Le Male Yoga Founder

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Real World Flow Yoga for Men

Experience the most vigorous style of Vinyasa Yoga that follows the flow of breath while moving with strength through sequences of interweaving asanas (postures) in a challenging, athletic approach.

Developed specifically for guys, Real World Flow Yoga embodies the masculinity of yoga in a high-heat, high-energy workout. Strength building sequences of twists, hip openers, arm balances and abdominal work pay special attention to the male anatomy and physiology.

Real World Flow Yoga gives tight areas like hips, hamstrings and lower back some extra TLC. It helps to unwind tight joints and loosen muscles, increase your level of fitness and flexibility and is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Every Real World Flow Yoga delivers an engaging workout and inspirational coaching for the perfect mind body connection. Add in a cool soundtrack and a unique color-changing LED light system that creates a variety of moods; Real World Flow Yoga makes you work hard and go Zen from your first to your last pose.

All you need are your sweats or shorts / shirts are optional.

Naked Yoga for Men

Come to the mat and let air on your skin. Naked Yoga for Men is the perfect interplay of movement, breath and sensuality. Specifically designed for men to tap into their sexual core energy, Naked Yoga for Men is the most liberating way to experience yoga without the restriction of clothing.

Naked Yoga for Men develops fitness and promotes relaxation by moving consistently from pose to pose, integrating intention, breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility. Combined with supportive hands-on adjustments, some of our classes end with partner work (PW) to learn how to touch other men energetically.

Naked Yoga for Men is for men who are fit, in-shape and take care of themselves. Between the ages of 22 and 55, unprejudiced and with good energy. Our classes are not sexual in any sense. You should be seriously interested in the pursuit of the yogic experience as Naked Flow Yoga can be physically demanding.

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